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1. Continually submit to the Sovereignty of God the Father, the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 2. Instil in our children: a desire for Christian wisdom, to enable them to conquer the challenges of life a

Aims and objectives of teaching in the Foundation Phase. The Foundation Phase (Grade R- 3) spans the child's first few years of formal schooling. Vital skills, knowledge, attitudes and values are established during these years. During this Pha

Aims and objectives of teaching in the intermediate and senior phase In the Intermediate (Grade 4-6) and Senior phase (Grade 7-9) we strive to build on the success of our foundation phase in the areas of Mathematics, Literacy, entrepreneurial skil

Teaching and learning in the FET phase Teachers are specialists in their own areas of teaching. This is the most exciting, demanding and yet challenging phase! Learners are prepared to face the challenges of life, reach for their set goals in thei

English HL (Home language) Afrikaans (First Additional Language) Life Orientation Mathematics / Mathematical Literacy Physical Science Life Science Geography Business Studies Accounting CAT    Subjects offer