Teaching and learning in the FET phase

Teachers are specialists in their own areas of teaching. This is the most exciting, demanding and yet challenging phase! Learners are prepared to face the challenges of life, reach for their set goals in their future endeavors. Learners are encouraged to meet deadlines of projects, work under pressure and are equipped with entrepreneurial and management skills.  Skills which were developed from Foundation, Intermediate and Senior phases get their final touch through tests, examinations, presentations, debates, practical experiments, field trips and investigations which equip them for tertiary and corporate world exposure. 

There is depth in content and types of assessment given where learners are presented with real life situations and have to make informed decisions and motivate why they opted for a specific decision. Learners are viewed as individual entities with a set of uniqueness and hence a lot of peer pressure is pruned out. There is a lot of interaction amongst Teacher, Learner and Parent with the learner as our focal point. The FET teachers work together to give their best to the valuable learners and there is a strong learner support system to help all learners reach their full potential. 

The phase has been proudly achieving a matric pass rate of 100% since inception! This is the standard which, by God's grace, will be maintained at Jabez Christian Academy.